Segregation in language

So I have been working in the US for several months.

As an outsider, I think the treatment of stranger/immigrant in USA is somehow peculiar. I feel that when you’re an immigrant here and you possess none WASP traits, you will never be a part of this nation. After 20 years in a country in an age of planes, Internet, global trades, you are for sure a new citizen of that nation. There is no way you can relate anymore to your country. I have been away from my home city for more or less 5 years and it doesn’t feel like home anymore. Things, stuff, buildings, stores, trends, people move at a uncontrollable pace.

I think that you can loose your identity even quicker in cities, but more on that later.

I once read you know when you immigrated to a new country when the commoner of your native country asks you where you’re from. Then you live in that weird place where you don’t belong anywhere.

I feel that on a daily basis, it’s part of my life now. Impossible to explain to friends. It’s the price to pay to be away, travel.

Back to America, I met Mexicans that have been here for 15 years and are still Mexicans. For me it’s a non-sense, maybe I have been in an inclusive society all my life.

Black people, Jesus, some of them have been longer in the country than what they call a pure race American.

At some point, with the riots, protest, King, the Black Panthers, they had to do something about it. Instead, they put the separation in the mainstream language, Afro-Americans.


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