Life is like a river.

I am the best at stupid analogies like that. But this life feels way out of control sometimes.

Like we say we get caught into things.

One day you’re just a pathetic teenager stigmatized by too many failed attempt to communicate with the opposite sex, you close your eyes one night and you’ve been in a relationship for 2 years, you take a nap nap and you’ve been single for 6.

Life is this way, it goes by.

To go back to the clueless portion of this text, I got caught one day. I said to a friend: look I have a pile of cash, let’s go climbing for a month.

He said to me he knew a famous park in Patagonia where we could climb during the Canadian winter. So we went.

I had no clue, mountaineering is big for a newbie that saw only plastic in a small gym of British Columbia (ok maybe I did climb real rocks at some point).

Really life is like surfing, sometimes you get bigger waves, sometimes you go on a small one. Sometimes you just have no clue.

There I go again with analogies…


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